Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule

(readings are to be completed by the date listed)

Week 1: Introduction: What is the “canon” of Western Art? Feminism and Art; Gender, Power and Visual Culture

Tues., 8/30        Introduction, Course Objectives, Class Policies.

Thurs., 9/1

  • CR: Nochlin, L. “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”
  • GGBC: Skim all; Read “Introduction” and “Conclusion” (p.6-9; p.90-91) [same as FVC #45: The Guerrilla Girls. “Introduction and Conclusion to The Guerrilla Girls’ Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art” (p.411-415)]
  • CR: Woolf, V. “Thinking About Shakespeare’s Sister” (p.473-475)–available online at

Possible Film: Picturing the Genders; The Other Side of the Picture;

 !WAR! Women Art Revolution

Week 2:  What is Feminism?  Historical and Social Context of Feminist Movement.  Key Terms. 3 Historical Waves of Feminism; Feminist Art Movement of the 1970’s; Art and Social Change; Representations of Women

Tues., 9/6

  • Bunting, S. “Yes, You Are” online:
  • CR: Johnson, A. “Patriarchy, the System”
  • CR: hooks, b. “Understanding Patriarchy”
  • PFA: Broude & Garrard. “Introduction: Feminism and Art in the Twentieth Century” (p.10-29)
  • A& F: Reckitt, H. “Preface” (p.11-13)


Week 3:   1970s Feminist Art Movement (continued)

Featured Artists:  Judy Chicago & Miriam Shapiro; Mary Beth Edelson; Carolee Schneeman; Louise Bourgeois

Tues., 9/13

  • PFA: “Feminist Art Programs” (p.32-47)
  • CR: Pollock, Griselda.    “About Canons and Culture Wars” from Differencing the Canon: Feminist Desire and the Writing of Art Histories.  (Feminist Theory #91, p.499-501)
  • “In a Pig’s Eye: Mary Beth Edelson” Online:
  • A&F: Phelan, P. “Survey (Intro)àGreatness” (p.14-36)

Possible Film: Womanhouse or Agnes Varda’s What is a Woman?

Thurs., 9/15

(Possible Artivity: Feminist Screenprinting or Central Core Imagery)

Week 4:  Theorizing the Body; Woman as Other; Objectification and Representation; the Patriarchal Gaze; The Aesthetics of Power; the Colonial Gaze: Oppression, Spectatorship, Modernity

Featured Artists:  Hannah Wilke; Ana Mendieta; Suzanne Lacy; Joan Semmel, Alice Neel; Jenny Saville; Sylvia Sleigh

Tues., 9/20

Possible Film: Dreamworlds 3/Codes of Gender/Killing Us Softly

Thurs., 9/22

  • PFA: “The Body Through Women’s Eyes” (p.190-207)
  • CR: Nochlin, L. “Eroticism and Female Imagery’” in Woman as Sex Object


Week 5: (above continued)

Featured Artists:  Betye Saar; Yolanda Lopez

Tues., 9/27

  • CR: Wolf, Naomi. “The Beauty Myth” (excerpt, 5 pages)
  • FVC #57: Nead, Linda “Theorizing the Female Nude” (p.519-534)
  • CR: Zeisler, Andi. “Pop and Circumstance: Why Pop Culture Matters” (prologue & 1-21)

Thurs., 9/29       FVC #9: Mulvey, L. “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (p.57-65)

  • FVC #14: hooks, b. “The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators” (p.107-118)
  • A&F: “Survey: In Theory” (p.39-42)

Week 6:  Feminism, Art, and Violence against Women; Sexism & Racism; Memory, Trauma

Featured Artists:  Artemisia Gentileschi; WAC; Regina Galindo; Yoko Ono; Suzanne Lacy & Leslie Labowitz; Rachel Rosenthal; Käthe Kollwitz: Jane Alexander

Tues., 10/4

  • CR: Bal, Mieke. “Reading Art?”
  • CR: Garrard, Mary. “Artemisia and Susanna”
  • GGBC: “Artemisia Gentileschi” (p.35-37)
  • PFA: Lopez & Roth “Social Protest: Racism and Sexism” (p.140-157)

Thurs., 10/6

  • CR: Lippard, Lucy. “Rape: Show and Tell” from The Pink Glass Swan (p.241-247)
  • PFA: Lacy, Suzanne. “Affinities: Thoughts on an Incomplete History” ( p.264-275)

Possible Film:  In Mourning and in Rage (excerpt); As Seen Through These Eyes


Week 7:  Racism and Feminism in Art; Identity and Difference; Power, Desire

Appropriation, Pastiche, Parody, and Postmodern

Featured Artists: Kara Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, Adrian Piper; Judy Baca; Lorraine O’Grady; Howardena Pindell

Tues., 10/11

  • PFA: “Backlash and Appropriation” (Schor, Mira. 248-263)
  • PFA: “The Feminist Continuum: Art after 1970” (Cottingham, Laura. 276-288)
  • “The Art of Kara Walker” website and “Gallery Guide to My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love” PDF (9 pages) Online:
  • FVC #31: Piper, Adrian. “The Triple Negation of Colored Women Artists” (p.273-281)
  • FVC #24: O’Grady, Lorraine. “Olympia’s Maid: Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity” (p.208-220)

Thurs., 10/13  EXAM 1

Possible Film: ART 21- Kara Walker

Week 8:  Gender Performativity, Identity, Sexuality, Feminism & Postmodernism

Featured Artists: Cindy Sherman; Claude Cahun; Harmony Hammond; Eleanor Antin; Martha Wilson

Tues., 10/18

Possible Film: ART 21- Cindy Sherman

Thurs., 10/20

  • FVC #19: Hammond, Harmony. “Lesbian Artists” (159-160)
  • A&F: “Survey: Up to and Including Our Limits” (p.43-46)
  • FVC #18: Halberstam, J. “The Transgender Look” (p.146-154)
  • GGBC: “Claude Cahun” (p.62-63)


Week 9: Gender, Art and Religion; Freud and Sexuality; “Goddess Art”

Featured Artists:  Monica Sjoo; Helen Redman; Ana Mendieta; Mary Beth Edelson

Tues., 10/25

  • CR: Koedt, A. “The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm” (p.186-190)
  • PFA: Orenstein “Recovering Her Story: Feminist Artists Reclaim the Great Goddess” (p.174-189)
  • CR: Christ, Carol. “Why Women Need the Goddess” (7 pages) Online:
  • CR: Sjöö, Monica. “Art is a Revolutionary Act” (p.591-592)
  • CR: Edelson, Mary.  “Objections of a ‘Goddess Artist’: An Open Letter to Thomas McEllivey” (4 pages)
  • Recommended:
  • Cliff, M. “I Found God in Myself and I Loved Her/ I Loved Her Fiercely”: More Thoughts on the Work of Black Women Artists”
  • Daly, M. “The Metapatriarchal Journey of Exorcism and Ecstasy” excerpt from Gyn/Ecology;
  • CR: Cixous, H. “The Laugh of the Medusa” (pg.215-221))

Thurs., 10/27    Catch up on assigned readings.


Possible Film (Excerpt): Goddess Remembered

Week 10:  Gender and Performance; Feminist Performance Art and Body Art

Featured Artist: Coco Fusco; Rachel Rosenthal; Carolee Schneeman; Orlan; Regina Galindo. Martha Wilson; Yoko Ono; Marina Abramovic; Micol Hebron

Tues., 11/1

  • PFA: “Feminist Performance Art” (p.158-173)
  • FVC #54: Butler, Judith. “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution”(p.482-492)

Thurs., 11/3

  • FVC #26: Fusco, Coco “The Other History of Intercultural Performance”(p. 225-226)
  • FVC #44: Lacy & Labowitz. “Feminist Media Strategies for Political Performance (p.400-410)

Possible Film: Couple in the Cage; The Artist is Present

Week 11:  Cultural Imperialism, Culture Jamming; Public Space

Featured Artists:  Judy Baca; Carrie Mae Weems; Yolanda Lopez; Cady Noland, Hannah Hoch, Barbara Kruger; Jenny Holzer; Tracy Moffat; Panmela Castro: Jane Alexander

Tues., 11/8

  • CR: Solom0n-Godeau, Abigail. “Taunting and Haunting: Critical Tactics in a Minor Mode” (p.371-401)

Thurs., 11/10

  • CR: Hayden, Dolores. “Urban Landscapes as Public History” (p.69-75)
  • CR: Neumaier, Diane. “Judy Baca: Our People Are the Internal Exiles” (p.65-79)

Week 12: Class Presentations

Tues.,  11/15       Groups Presentations: PREZI due

Thurs., 11/17      Groups Presentations: PREZI due


Week 13:  (11/21-11/25) Thanksgiving Recess. No Class.

Week 14: Third Wave Feminism; More Contemporary Feminist Artists; DIY Aesthetics

Tues., 11/29

  • FVC #32: Mira Schor “Patrilineage”(p. 282-289)
  • CR: Isaak, Jo Anna. 1996. “The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Laughter” In Feminism and Contemporary Art.  London & New York: Routledge, p. 11-46. –SKIM

Thurs., 12/1       Catch up on assigned readings.

Possible Film: !WAR ! Women Art Revolution; The Woodmans; Jenny Holzer;

Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC; The Heretics; or,

 Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress, and the Tangerine

Week 15: Conclusion to Course; Final Paper Projects

Tues., 12/6         “DIY Aesthetics” with Annie Knight/powerpoint

  • Riot Grrrl Manifesto
  • DIY Manifesto

Thurs., 12/8       Review Session, Course Wrap-Up

Term Paper Due

Final Examination Week: (12/10-12/17)

Wed., 12/14       Exam 2 (FINAL EXAM)   11:00-1:30