Evaluation & Assignments


 You are required to attend lecture, keep up on your reading, complete all assignments, and participate in class.  You are responsible for all assigned readings and all material covered in class, including lecture, films, handouts, and assignments.  The instructor of this class does not give grades; rather, you earn your grade.  Your grade will be based on your effort and performance in the categories of evaluation as follows:

  • 10%     Class Attendance & Participation (including any in-class “artivities”)*
  • 20%     WordPress Personal Website:
  • 15%      HW Assignments (e.g., Blog Essays/Response to Readings)
  • 5%       Comments (online responses to peer work; wordpress commentary & upkeep)
  •  5%      Feminist Artist – Analytical Review Paper
  • 15%      Art-Theory Projects: 1. Commodity Self Portrait (individual); 2. Gender Performativity Photo Triptych (individual); 3. Culture Jamming Poster (individual); 4. Public Art Project (group)
  • 15%      Exam 1
  •  5%      Prezi Group Project
  • 20%     Exam 2
  • 10%     Term Paper

*(Attendance & Participation= 10 percentage points.  DAYS ABSENT  _____ x 1 =  _____   subtracted from 10= ___

then, calculate PARTICIPATION= high/medium/low.  If very high, subtract 0; If medium, subtract 4; if low, subtract 8 = ___/10)

As will be discussed further in class, most all student work in this course must be posted to each student’s individual WordPress site, which will be linked to our main course website found at feministartpower.wordpress.com.  We will have a workshop early in the semester to get everyone set up on WordPress.

In accordance with the concerns of the President and Chancellor concerning the rigor of courses and the expectation that Chapman students be academically challenged in their courses, Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences strongly encourages the teaching faculty to utilize the full grading spectrum for assessing student work.   The grades A, A- and B+ will be reserved for student work that is truly excellent. [Translation:  This course is not an “Easy A” with high grades awarded to those who do the minimum.  “A” grades will only be awarded to students who consistently demonstrated academic excellence in every area of evaluation throughout the course.]