Course Texts

Required Texts:

  • The Power of Feminist Art [PFA]  , Norma Broude & Mary Garrard. 1996. ISBN-9780810926592 (out of print: selections available on Blackboard or for purchase used)
  • Art and Feminism [A&F] Ed., Helena Reckitt. 2006. ISBN-9780714863917
  • The Feminism & Visual Culture Reader [FVC] , Amelia Jones. 2nd edition. 2009. ISBN-9780415543705
  • The Guerrilla’s Girls Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art. [GGBC] Penguin, 1998. ISBN-978-0140259971
  • Course Reader [CR]: Electronic articles available on Blackboard or online.

Recommended Texts:

  • Ways of Seeing by Jon Berger. Seal Press, 1990.  ISBN-9780140135152


Required Outside-of-Class Viewing of Films:

5 Homework Films: Rear Window (1954); Crying Game (1992); Boys Don’t Cry (1999); The Brandon Teena Story (1998); The Accused (1988) [trigger warning]

  • As possible, these films will be made available at the Reserve Desk of Leatherby Libraries. You are encouraged to organize viewings and watch films collectively.

Additional Recommended films:

  • Heresies; !WAR: Women Art Revolution; Exit through the Gift Shop; Art 21; The Artist Is Present; The Woodmans