Class Policies

Attendance Policy:

A student’s presence and participation in class are critical factors towards the completion of the work for the class and achievement of success in the course.  Attendance at lecture (two times a week) is mandatory.  Moreover, it is not enough to just show up and sit there.  You are expected to contribute to the class through regular participation. Repeated tardiness is disruptive and disrespectful.  Please try to get to class in a timely fashion.  If you arrive after attendance is taken, your presence may not to be recorded. There will be no make-ups for examinations, quizzes, lectures, or assignments missed.  I will not arrange exams to be taken early.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Please be aware:

  • If you do not have stellar attendance & participation, it will be impossible to receive an A in the course.
  • In accordance with Chapman University recommendations, students who miss 20% or more of the classes (6 or more) will be automatically failed.



There will be no “excused absences” in this course for any reason. You earn credits for the course through contact hours with your instructor during class meetings. (A 14-week semester produces approximately 35 contact hours for 3 units of credit or about 11.5 hours per unit.) Regardless of the reason for your absence, you cannot earn said credits if you are not in class.  If you miss class for a family death/medical emergency, or any other serious documentable reason, you must work through the Office of Student Affairs/Dean of Students (714-997-6721, Argyros Forum 101), who will then contact your professors on your behalf.

This class is a COMPUTER-FREE zone.  I will not tolerate the use of laptops, cell-phones, I-pads, or any other devices superfluous to the course.  Violations will result in immediate dismissal from the class session and the student’s attendance & participation points will be recorded as a zero for the day.

Assignments will not be accepted via email, unless students are specifically directed to submit in this fashion. 

If a student exhibits disruptive and disrespectful behavior in class, that student’s attendance and participation points will be recorded as a zero for the day &/or that student will be dismissed from the class session.  Two such warnings will result in a meeting with the Chair and possible expulsion from the course.

In the event that the instructor is not present for a class meeting, and in the absence of a specific directive, students are asked to extend the courtesy of waiting 10 minutes before departing.

Chapman University’s Academic Integrity Policy

Chapman University is a community of scholars that emphasizes the mutual responsibility of all members to seek knowledge honestly and in good faith.  Students are responsible for doing their own work and academic dishonesty of any kind will be subject to sanction by the

instructor/administrator and referral to the university Academic Integrity Committee, which may impose additional sanctions including expulsion.  Please see the full description of Chapman University’s policy on Academic Integrity at


In addition, please note: All course materials are copyrighted and may not be uploaded or provided to others without express consent of the instructor.

Chapman University’s Students with Disabilities Policy

In compliance with ADA guidelines, students who have any condition, either permanent or temporary, that might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office.  If you will need to utilize your approved accommodations in this class, please follow the proper notification procedure for informing your professor(s). This notification process must occur more than a week before any accommodation can be utilized. Please contact Disability Services at (714) 516–4520 or visit if you have questions regarding this procedure or for information or to make an appointment to discuss and/or request potential accommodations based on documentation of your disability. Once formal approval of your need for an accommodation has been granted, you are encouraged to talk with your professor(s) about your accommodation options.  The granting of any accommodation will not be retroactive and cannot jeopardize the academic standards or integrity of the course.

Chapman University’s Equity and Diversity Policy

Chapman University is committed to ensuring equality and valuing diversity. Students and professors are reminded to show respect at all times as outlined in Chapman’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy.  Please see the full description of this policy at  Any violations of this policy should be discussed with the professor, the dean of students and/or otherwise reported in accordance with this policy.