Guernica :: Mujernica

Picasso’s Guernica, 1937

Our Feminist Revision:   In the Spring of 2010, Chapman Feminists & Women’s Studies hosted a “Feminist Community Paint-In.” Mujernica harnesses the emotive and political power of Picasso’s imagery from Guernica, his famous 1937  mural depicting the senselessness of war.   Mujernica conveys the present day war against women and its senselessness.  The piece portrays various kinds of violence (all frightening) inflicted upon women: sexual assault/domestic battery; civilian casualties in Iraq/Afghanistan; sweatshop labor in the global economy; the devastation of Mother Earth.  The canvas is a battlefield littered with deprecated bodies, from which also spring symbols of hope and resistance.


5 Responses to Guernica :: Mujernica

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  2. lola says:

    d pic is marvellous and d info waz v. helpful for my work

  3. charlie says:

    i agree wif lola

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. what is wrong with feminists

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