Triptych Photo Project

Art-Theory Project #3: Photo Triptych Instructions


1.  Drawing inspiration from our Cindy Sherman class day, present three digital photos of yourself (any digital camera, such as a camera phone, will work just fine).  You may have a friend snap the shot, or use a timer, so the photos don’t all look like “selfies.”  One portrait should be of you as you regularly present yourself (your normal drag), plus two more portraits with yourself as the subject, but playing another character in each (different drag/gender performance).

This should go without saying, but just in case: absolutely NO BLACKFACE, or attempting to portray a race other than your own.

2. Go to (free photo collage software)

  • Click “Create a Collage”
  • Click “Images” Icon (top left) then “Open” to add your three photos.
  • Then, click “Layout” Icon (second down) and choose “Cards” (3 panel) “4×8” option.
  • Save to your computer and post to your WordPress site as “Triptych Photo Project” (Art-Theory Project 3) under your “Artivities and Projects” parent page.
  • If you would prefer NOT to post pictures of yourself online, then change the page visibility setting to “password-protected” and using password announced in class.

3.  Along with your photo triptych, post your “Artist’s Statement” (~ 1 page) in which you speak a bit about what the product and process was like for you.

4.  Check out others’ Photo Triptychs and comment.

In addition to posting on WordPress on your Artivities page, SUBMIT PHOTOS & ARTIST STATEMENT ELECTRONICALLY on Blackboard.  Until both types of submission are completed, your project will be considered late.


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