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feminist artist milestones

POST-BY/Reading Due Dates:

9/21:    Francesca Woodman; Jenny Saville; Hannah Wilke
9/28:    Betye SaarCatherine Opie
10/3:    Artemisia Gentileschi 
10/5:    Ana MendietaFrida Kahlo
10/10:  Kara WalkerAdrian Piper
10/17:  Cindy Sherman; Faith Ringgold; Howardena Pindell
10/19:  Claude CahunBarbara Kruger; Cristy Road
10/26:  Cui XiuwenJenny Holzer; Louise Bourgeois
10/31:  Yoko Ono Marina Abramovic; Micol Hebron; Regina Galindo
11/2:    Coco FuscoSarah Maple; Kiki Smith

11/7:    Carrie Mae Weems; Yolanda Lopez; Yayoi Kusama
11/9:    Judy BacaShirin Neshat; Jane Alexander

You must research your artist beyond internet surfing.  It is appropriate and helpful to link to other websites in your essay, but don’t rely exclusively on websites as sources. Be sure to utilize and cite texts and sources beyond websites.This is an academic treatment of the subject and should be a university-level essay that is supported and cited properly.  Visit the library and check out some books; use our class texts, if applicable; read journal articles, etc.Each student is responsible for writing an essay on a feminist artist, which will then serve as a resource for the entire class.  Post a Web Essay (in your own words!) on the “Feminist Artist” page of your WordPress site by DUE DATE  listed above (forthcoming).  Also, you are required to submit your essay as a “Turn-It-In” Assignment on Blackboard.

Your essay should  include the following sections:

1. Brief Description: Biographical profile and the artistic and historical context of artist

2.  Analysis: Identify main themes of work; discuss issues related to meaning, technique, impact, social-historical context, and contributions as a (feminist) artist. Include images of several exemplary works in your theoretical commentary (with titles, dates, and collection/location). Be sure to analyze at least 2 works in depth.

3.  References.  Be sure to cite properly and include links for all images and other source material.  Include a section for related links or recommended resources.  Provide information/links to every source your read for this paper.  For information and images gleaned from websites, include a link to the website.  For articles or books that you reference or utilize, provide bibliographic citation in ASA format.   In addition to external sources, use our course sources when useful.  

4.   At least five Discussion Questions for Class about the artwork/artist. (Make sure “comments” are enabled, so your classmates can share their answers.)

Essay Length: Approximately 1000 words, not including Discussion Questions or References Section.

You must post your web essay by the due date on your wordpress feminist artist page AND submit electronically via Blackboard as a “Turn-It-In” Assignment!