For Tues., 9/6

Hi Class!

Hope you have enjoyed the 3 day weekend!  For tomorrow, as you know, we’ll be discussing the next batch of readings as listed on the syllabus:

  • Bunting, S. “Yes, You Are” online:
  • CR: Johnson, A.  “Patriarchy, the System”
  • CR: hooks, b. “Understanding Patriarchy”
  • PFA:  Broude & Garrard. “Introduction: Feminism and Art in the Twentieth Century” (p.10-29)
  • A& F: Reckitt, H. “Preface” (p.11-13)

Keep in mind that for the PFA and the A&F texts, please DO NOT think you are being asked to internalize all of the details presented in the chapters.  These are almost like encyclopedias and therefore they try to be comprehensive and of course drop a lot of names. I am not asking you to memorize the content, but just to read them over openly and learn what you can.  Please review the questions for your HW #2 Assignment related to these readings (posted on Blackboard under HW/Blog Assignments).  Look them over and get started. We will have a good discussion about all of the readings tomorrow, but the assignment itself is not officially due until Thurs. 9/8 (which is also WordPress Day! Yay!).

See you tomorrow afternoon.



p.s. your pseudonym and gravatar image for your personal WordPress site are also due Thurs., 9/8.  See instructions on Blackboard in “HW/Blog Assignments” Folder.  And, don’t forget to bring your LAPTOP to class that day!

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